Cillian O'Sullivan


Originally from Ireland, Cillian now lives in New York. 

Cillian's credits include: 'VIKINGS' (Amazon), 'MAZE' (directed by Stephen Burke) and 'TAKEN DOWN' (RTE). 



  • Height: 6' 4 (193cm)
  • Playing Age: 23 - 40
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Appearance: White




HALO: NIGHTFALL, Christian Ramsey - Scott Free (director: Sergio Mimica - Gezzan)

MAZE, Bobby Storey (Supporting) - Maze Productions (director: Stephen Burke)

IN PARADISE, Mike (Lead) - Scattered images (director: Marty Stalker)

MISTY BUTTON, James Sheehan (Lead) - Locked in the Attic Productions (director: Seanie Sugrue)

BREWBIRDS (SHORT FILM), Mike - Northern Ireland Screen/Womb Productions (director: Fintan Cheng)

MRS WILLIAMS (SHORT FILM), Angel of Death - Lost Dog (director: Alan Stewart)

THUMB WARS (SHORT FILM), Him (Lead) - Northern Ireland Screen/Mighty Sprite (director: Lisa Keogh)

EMPIRE STATE (SHORT FILM), Michael (Lead) - Aidan Largey productions (director: Aidan Largey)

MR. KELLY (SHORT FILM), Chris (Lead) - Stick Down Underduck Productions (director: Mal Campbell)

A RESPITE AT CHRISTMAS (SHORT FILM), John (Supporting Role) - Campbell Miller Productions (director: Campbell Miller)

UNCLE BILLS BARREL (SHORT FILM), Tom Lynch (Lead) - Image now films (director: Eoin Ryan)

AN COSC (SHORT FILM), Sean Daly (Lead) - TG4 (director: Vincent Gallagher) 


THEN YOU RUN, Orin (Recurring) - Kudos/Sky (director: Delyth Thomas and Paul Walker)

IN FROM THE COLD, Chauncey (Series Regular) - Netflix (director: Ami Canaan Mann & Birgitte Stærmose)

TAKEN DOWN, Dunnie (recurring) - RTE (director: David Caffrey)

VIKINGS, Eirik - VK Four Productions, (director:Various)

6 DEGREES SEASON 3, Conor Martin (Lead) - Sterling Productions/BBC, (directors: Various)

6 DEGREES SEASON 2, Conor Martin (Lead) - Stirling Productions/BBC (directors: Paul Riordan/ Diarmuid Goggins/ Andrea Harkin)

6 DEGREES SEASON 1, Conor Martin (Lead) - Stirling Productions/BBC, (director: Paul Riordan/ Terry Loane)

SEACHT, Mícháel (Lead) - TG4 (director: Paul Riordan)

SINGLEHANDED PT 2, Andy (Supporting role) - RTE 1 (director: Anthony Byrne)

THE RUNNING MATE, Danny Flynn (lead) - TG4 (director: Declan Recks)

SCÚP, Patrick - TG4 (director: Declan Recks)


SLIMMER FOR CHIRSTMAS, Nathan, Theatre At The Mill, (director: Andrea Montgomery)

THE KITCHEN, THE BEDROOM AND THE GRAVE, Mark - Accidental Theatre Company/Baby Grand/Irish Tour (director: Richard Lavery)

ALL THAT PROMISE, Gavin (Lead) - Theatre Of Pluck (director: Niall Rea)

SOMEBODY WHO'LL WATCH OVER ME, Michael (Lead) - Subtletext Productions (director: Katie O'Farrel)

THE FUEGIANS, Fuegian 1 (Lead) - Trina Scott Productions (director: Trina Scott)

BEDVOUND, Father (lead) - Trina Scott Productions (director: Trina Scott)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Tiny Tim - 13th Street Repertory Manhattan (director: Alan Johnson)

FRANKENSTEINS MONSTER, Daemon (Frankenstein's monster) - Fast and Loose 2013 (director: Leonie McDonagh)

DANCING AT LUGHNASA, Gerry Evans - Two River Theater (director: Jessica Stone)



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