JONATHAN ARUN GROUP empowers artists to flourish, thrive and fulfill their potential.

We promote talent across the entire spectrum of performance media with global contacts in the areas of film, television, theatre, musical theatre, radio and commercials.

We understand that to be successful an artist must be surrounded by a positive and dedicated team and this is our commitment to our clients.

We are about building trusting forever partnerships across the industry.

Some of whom we work with:

With whom we work
Jonathan Arun

Jonathan Arun - Owner / Director

JONATHAN ARUN is a native of Dublin, Ireland who has lived in London for over thirty five years. During this time he has built up his experience as an agent, beginning as an Associate Agent at Jessica Carney Associates. After five years, in 2004 Jonathan moved to Vivien Wilde Ltd where he was able to set up his own list.

In 2007 Jonathan decided it was time to open his own agency Jonathan Arun Ltd. As a former actor (from a very young age) and with a successful career behind him, Jonathan brings a unique perspective with his approach to both actors and casting directors. Of course, his BA(hons) in Psychology from London Guildhall University also proves handy from time to time!

jonathan @ jag-london.com
Max Latimer

Max Latimer - Agent

MAX LATIMER graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2011 with a BA (Hons) degree in Acting. He worked as an actor both in the UK and abroad, but was curious to see what life was like on the other side of the table. He joined Jonathan Arun in 2014 on a three-month internship, however, after five days Jonathan decided to make it a permanent position. He now works as an Agent and is very much a part of the furniture.

max @ jag-london.com Max's Twitter Profile
Rachel Chambers

Rachel Chambers - Agent

RACHEL CHAMBERS trained at East 15 Acting School and after working for many years in the profession decided to do an internship at Macfarlane Chard Associates and fell in love with this side of the industry. She gained further experience at Gordon and French before finally joining the Jonathan Arun family in 2017.

She loves to spend time socialising with her family and friends, drinking wine, attending music festivals and tattoos.

rachel @ jag-london.com

Maria Girod-Roux - Special Agent


maria @ jag-london.com
Jason Halsey

Jason Halsey - Marketing & Communications

JASON HALSEY has an MA in Fashion from Central St Martins School of Art and Design. He spent 20 years in the fashion industry, working as a designer for brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. He has also worked as a stylist and as a design and trend consultant in London, Hong Kong and New York.

In 2008 Jason launched his own mens fashion and lifestyle concept store in Soho, London. Following this he worked in advertising and marketing before launching his own brand consultancy agency delivering marketing, communications and creative digital content.

Jason has been a marketing and communications consultant for Jonathan Arun Group since 2013. He loves sci-fi and political debate.

jason @ jag-london.com
Rob Hadden

Rob Hadden - Agents Assistant

ROB HADDEN trained in Acting at LIPA but after a few years of working as an actor and a waiter (mostly a waiter) decided to switch to ‘The Dark Side’ and look at a career in an agency. He worked with David Lazenby at Vivienne Clore before coming over to join the team at Jonathan Arun Group.

assistant @ jag-london.com
JAG Dogs

Ben & Riley - Secret Agents


pleasedontemailthedogs @ jag-london.com



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