Thomas Levin


Thomas was born in Denmark and studied at The William Esper Studio in NYC.

His credits include: 'Norskov' series regular (Channel 4), 'Borgen' (DR Fiktion) and 'Alex Rider' (Sony). 


  • Height: 5' 10 (178cm)
  • Playing Age: 30 - 50
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Mid Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Appearance: White




My Sisters Children in Africa, John, Obel Film (director: Martin Miehe-Renard)
Anja & Victor - Burning Love, Topper, Ragner Grasten Film (director: Niels Nørlev)
Lost Generation, Bo (Lead), Ragnar Grasten Film (director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup)
Rule no. 1, Sebastian, Zeitgeist FIlm (director: Oliver Ussing Kanafani)
Turn Right by the Yellow Dog, Omar Yulmez, Waterfront (director: Peter Ringgaard)


Alex Rider, Eleventh Hour Films/ Sony (director: Andreas Prochaska)

Badehotellet, Robert, SF FILM/TV 2 (director: Fabian Wullenweber)
STHLM Requiem, Efraim Kiel, Black Spark/Kaern Film (directors: Lisa Ohlin and Karin Fahlen)
Norskov (season 1 & 2), Tom (lead), Danish National/ TV2 (director: Louise Friedberg)
The Team (season 1), Villads, Danish National DR1/ZDF/Nordisk Film (director: Kathrine Windfeldt)
Borgen (Episode 21-30), Ulrik, DR (directors: various)
LYKKE, Frederik, Danish National Television/ DR1 (director: Kasper Gaardsoe)
Park Road, Allan, TV2 (director: Kasper Gaardsoe)
Those who kill, David, TV2 (director: Kasper Barfod)
Borgen (episodes 1-20), Ulrik, Danish National/ DR1 (director: Søren Kragh Jacobsen)
Lulu - The bank rubbers wife, Ken, Danish National/ TV3 (director: Christina Rosendahl)
Summer (9 episodes), Kasper, Danish National/ DR1 (directors: Louise Friedberg and Jannik Johansen)
Lost Generation (4 episodes), Bo (Lead), Danish National/ TV2 (director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup)
Unit One (episode 17), Mikkel, Danish National/ DR1 (director: Charlotte Sieling)


DEKALOG, Kryztof, Betty Nansen Teatret (director: Jakob Schokking)
Soli Deo Gloria, The Man, Betty Nansen Teatret (dircector: Thomas Bendixen)
Constellations, Roland, Aarhus Teater/Husets Teater (director: Ramin Gray)
A Place In My Heart, Sebastian, Theatre Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
GHOST by Henrik Ibsen, Osvald, Aarhus Theatre (director: Mick Gordon)
Home Sweet Home, Carsten, Theatre Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
Dinner for 1, Allan, Theatre Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
LykkeBjorn, Nikolaj, Theatre Grob (director: Madeleine Roon-Juul)
Texas, Kenneth (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
A place in my heart, Sebastian (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
Cruise, Vincent (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Frederik Arentzen Neergaard)
Home Sweet Home, Carsten (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
Home Sweet Home, Carsten (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Per Scheel-Krüger)
Åsted, Harris (Lead), Husets Theatre (director: Maria Vinterberg)
Håndbog i overlevelse, Romeo (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Frederik A. Neergaard)
Jeg, Mig og Mit, Adam (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Hanna Liv Møller)
HVIS, Morten (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Niels Anders Thorn)
Vejen til Himlen, Lead role (Lead), Theater Grob (director: Anne Steensgaard)



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