Simone Kirby


Simone is originally from Ennis, Ireland.

Simone plays Marilyn Hull in 'NOTES ON BLINDNESS' (Archers Mark), for which she was Nominated for IFTA , Best Supporting Actress in Film 2017, and Oonagh in Ken Loach's 'JIMMY'S HALL', for which she was Nominated as IFTA, Lead Actress in Film, 2015.

Other credits include: 'PEAKY BLINDERS' (BBC), 'THE HOLE IN THE GROUND' (directed by Lee Cronin), 'REBELLION SERIES 2: RESISTANCE' (RTE), 'MOTHER'S DAY' (BBC) and 'ARTEMIS FOWL' (Disney). 


  • Height: 5' 2 (157cm)
  • Playing Age: 31 - 40
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Auburn
  • Hair Length: Shoulder length
  • Unions: Equity
  • Appearance: White




CALM WITH HORSES, June Devers- Film 4 / DMC films (director: Nick Rowland)

MOTHER'S DAY, Fran- BBC (director: Fergus O'Brien)
ARTEMIS FOWL, Mrs. Byrne- Disney (director: Kenneth Branagh)
THE HOLE IN THE GROUND, Louise- Capgrass Films, (director: Lee Cronin)

ENGLAND IS MINE, Elizabeth- Honlodge Productions (director: Mark Gill)

THE FLAG, Liz- Treasure Entertainment (director: Declan Recks)

NOTES ON BLINDNESS, Marilyn- Archer's Mark (directors: Peter Middleton & James Spinney) 

THE TRUTH COMMISSIONER, Marie Roche- Big Fish Films/ BBC Northern Ireland (director: Declan Recks)
THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, Tyva Hightopp- Disney (director: James Bobin)
JIMMY'S HALL, Oonagh (lead)- (director; Ken Loach)
X-MOOR, Patsy- (director: Luke Hyams)
SEASON OF THE WITCH, Midwife- Lionsgate (director: Dominic Sena)


HIS DARK MATERIALS, Mary Malone - BBC/HBO (director: Various)

SILENT WITNESS, Geraldine Lawson- BBC One (director: Mary Nighy)

RESISTANCE(Rebellion 2), Ursula- RTE (director: Catherine Morshead)

DARK HEART, Debbie Collins- ITV (director: Colin Teague) 

HOUDINI& DOYLE, Sister Grace- ITV (director: Ed Bazalgette)

CLEAN BREAK, Annette- RTE (director: Gillies McKinnon)
PEAKY BLINDERS, Irene- Tiger Aspect/ BBC2 (director: Colm Mccarthy)
LOVE/HATE, Tracey Moynihan- Octagon Films/RTE (director: David Caffrey)
PREFACES TO SHAKESPEARE, Gentlewoman/2nd Witch- BBC/Blakeway Productions
MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS, Auntie Maureen/Mrs. Balfe- Scratch Films/RTE(director: Sinead Muphy)
PURE MULE: THE LAST WEEKEND, Geraldine Grehan- Accomplace Films/RTE (director: Declan Recks)
SINGLE HANDED2: THE STOLEN CHILD, Brigid- RTE/Touchpaper(director: Anthony Byrne)
PURE MULE, Geraldine Grehan- Accomplace Films/RTE (director: Declan Recks/Charlie McCarthy)


MOLLY SWEENEY, Molly- The Irish Rep Theatre/ New York/The Long Wharf/ New Haven (director: Charlotte Moore)
LAY ME DOWN SOFTLY, Lily- Tricycle Theatre (director: Billy Roche)
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Titania- The Milton Rooms (director: Nick Bagnall)
MOLLY SWEENEY, Molly- The Curve Theatre (director: Selina Cartmell)
MACBETH, Lady Macduff/ Second Witch- Shakespeares Globe (director: Lucy Bailey)
LOVES LABOURS LOST, Jaquenetta- Shakespeares Globe (director: Dominic Dromgoole)
DANCING AT LUGHNASA, Rose- The Old Vic (director: Anna Mackmin)
CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, Maggie- The Corn Exchange (director: Annie Ryan)
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Bianca- Rough Magic Productions (director: Lynne Parker)
FALLING OUT OF LOVE, Fiona- Yew Tree (director: Mikel Murfi)
THE CAVALCADERS, Nuala- The Abbey(director: Robin Lefevre)
DON CARLOS, Princess Eboli- Rough Magic (director: Lynne Parker)
THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, Lady Teazle- The Abbey (director: Jimmy Fay)
FESTEN, Helena- The Gate(director: Selina Cartmell)
THE TINKERS WEDDING, Sarah Casey- Druidsynge (director: Garry Hynes)
THE SECRET GARDEN, Martha- Landmark Productions(director: Michael Caven)
SHOOTING GALLERY, Sile- Bedrock Productions (director: Jimmy Fay)
THE WELL OF THE SAINTS, Molly Byrne- Druid Theatre Company (director: Garry Hynes)
AMADEUS, Constanze- Ouroboros, (director: Michael Caven)
THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD, Susan Brady- Druid Theatre Company (director: Garry Hynes)
MUD, Mae- The Corn Exchange (director: Annie Ryan)
TEN, Mouse- Semper Fi (Ireland) (director: Karl Shiels/Charlie Bonner)
THE LITTLE MERMAID, Alice- Riverbank Arts Centre (director: John O'Brien)
WOMEN IN ARMS, Deirdre Of The Sorrows- Storytellers/Cork Opera House (director: Mary Elizabeth Burke Kennedy)
GETTING 2 LEVEL 10, Paula- Calipo Theatre/Picture Company (director: Darren Thornton)
MISS JULIE, Kristine- Dionysis (director: Sue Mythen)
THE DEADMAN'S BEARD, Catherine Maher- The Everyman Palace (director: Geoff Gould)
THE COUNTRYWOMAN, Babby Baines- Upstate Live(director: Declan Gorman)


IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, Carmel- Radio Drama (director: Kevin Reynolds)
THE LOTTERY, Claire- Radio Drama (director: Paula McFetridge)
TWENTYSEVEN, Jen- Radio Drama (director: Veronica Coburn)




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