Russ Bain


Russ is originally from Glasgow but was educated south of the border. He trained at Arts Ed and Beverly Hills Playhouse.

His credits include: 'TRACES' (Red -Studio Canal), 'PEAKY BLINDERS' (Tiger Aspect), 'BODYGUARD' (BBC), 'HANNA' (Amazon), 'MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT' (Paramount/Skydance/Bad Robot), 'THE RACK PACK' (BBC), 'RESIDUE' (Netflix), 'VERA' (ITV) and 'MANHUNT' (ITV).



  • Height: 6' 0 (183cm)
  • Playing Age: 34 - 40
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Appearance: White




LIFT, Vaxby- Netflix (director: F. Gary Gray)

BARE, Ryan - BFI (director: Lorna Tucker)

MISTER MAYFAIR, Sal - Goldfinch Studios (director: Phillippe Martinez)

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT, British Agent 1 - Paramount Pictures (director: Christopher McQuarrie)

THE RACK PACK, Cliff Thorburn - Zeppotron (director: Brian Welsh)

POWER/RANGERS, Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger - Adishankarbrand (director: Joseph Kahn)

RESIDUE, Darius - Matador Pictures (director: Alex Garcia Lopez)

MMPR, Tommy (lead) - Supermega (director: Joseph Kahn)

UNTAPPED, Donny McKinney - (director: PJ Palmer)

TILL SUNSET, Ben - Filthy Lucre Productions (director: David Woods)

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Foot Soldier - Focus Entertainment (director: Joe Wright)


ANNIKA, Greg Connolly-Alibi

TRIGGER POINT, Frank Welsh-HTM Television (director: Gilles Bannier)

TRACES, Martin- Red (Studio Canal) (director: Claire Winyard)
PEAKY BLINDERS, Jerry- Tiger Aspect (director: Anthony Byrne)

CASUALTY, Leigh Demby - BBC (director: Michael Lacey)

DOCTORS, Keith Johnson - BBC (director: Debbie Howard)

VERA, Nial - ITV (director: Carolina Giammetta)

MANHUNT, Senior Surveillance Officer - ITV (director: Marc Evans)

HANNA, Sanchez - Amazon (director: Sarah Adina-Smith)

BODYGUARD, Chequers Police Officer - BBC (director: Thomas Vincent)

SNATCH, Laurence Mcleod - Little Island Production (director: Nick Renton)

TUT, Commander Horemheb - Spike TV (director: David von Ancken)

GRACELAND, Germaine Marsden - Fox Television/USA (director: Russell Fine)

CASTLE, Bruno Toft - ABC (director: Paul Holahan)

INTELLIGENCE, Tristan Bissette - CBS (director: Stephen Williams)

THE BORGIAS, French Soldier - Showtime (director: Neil Jordan/Jeremy Podeswa)

SINGLE.COM, Tom - Rebel Angel Productions (director: Dylan Costello)

HOTEL BABYLON, Jackie's Boyfriend - BBC Television (director: Julian Simpson)

CASUALTY, Bill Blakeley - BBC Television (director: Ian Barnes)

SIGNS OF LIFE, Joe - Endemol (director: Dillan Nichols)


SHAKESPEARE'S VILLAINS, MacBeth - California Shakespeare Ensemble (director: Brian Ellerding)

ESTRANGED, Martin - JC Productions (director: Chris George)

THE SHAPE OF THINGS, Philip - Imperial House Productions (director: Ed Behrens)


DR WHO ('THE TWO MASTERS'), Baron Jarvill - Big Finish (director: Jamie Anderson)

DR WHO ('AND YOU WILL OBEY ME'), Mikey - Big Finish Productions (director: Jamie Anderson)



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