Patrick Bergin


Patrick Bergin is best known for playing opposite Julia Roberts in the thriller 'SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY'.

Patrick won a Best Actor BAFTA in 1992 for 'MORPHINE AND DOLLY MIXTURES' (BBC).

His other credits include: 'PATRIOT GAMES', 'ROBIN HOOD', 'FREE FIRE' (directed by Ben Wheatley), 'QUANTICO' (ABC & Disney) and 'EASTENDERS' - Regular role (BBC).



  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Grey
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Unions: SAG/AFTRA
  • Appearance: White






DEAD BEFORE THEY WAKE, Holden - Shepka Productions (director: Andy Crane)

KISS OF THE CON QUEEN, Shay Owens - De Warrenne Pictures(director: Tom Waller)

NUTCRACKER MASSACRE, Actor - Millman Productions (director: Rebecca Matthews)

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AGE OF KILL, Sir Alistair Montcrief - Richwater Films (director: Neil Jones)

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GALLOWWALKER, Mrshall - Gaza Gallowwalker Ltd (director: Andrew Goth)

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DEVIL'S PREY, Seth - Triad Productions (director: Bradford May)

FALSE PROPHETS, Karl (director: Robert Townsend)

AMAZONS AND GLADIATORS,  Crassius - Drotcroft (director: Zachary Weintrau)

VIKING BEZERKERS, Thorson - Peakviewing (director: Paul Matthews)

THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS, Gene - Justine Pictures (director: Adam Brooks)

CAUSE OF DEATH, Taylor - Cinequest (director: Marc Grenier)

HIGH EXPLOSIVE, Jack Randall - GMT Landmine Films Inc (director: Tim Bond) 

WHEN THE SKY FALLS, Mackie - Irish Screen (director: John Mackenzie)

AFRICA, John Young - Peakviewing (director: Paul Matthews) 

MERLIN, Arthur - PeakViewing (director: Paul Matthews)

THE PRESS RUN, Alec - Allegro Films (director: Robbie Ditchburn) 

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, Alex - Filmline International (director: Stephan Elliott)

PROMISE HER ANYTHING, Vernon Fry - Slingshot Prods (director: Alain Zaloum)

ESCAPE VELOCITY, Cal - North American Pictures Ltd (director: Lloyd Simandl)

TREASURE ISLAND, Billy Bones - Pirate Films Ltd (director: Peter Rowe)

ONE MAN'S HERO, General Winfield Scott - San Patricio Prods (director: Lance Hool)

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HIGHWAY TO HELL,  Beezie - Hemdale Film Corp (director: Ate de Jong)

LOVE CRIMES, David - Sovereign Pictures (director: Lizzie Borden)

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, Martin - 20th Century Fox (director: Joe Rubin)


THE SOUTH WESTERLIES, Big Mike - Deadpan Pictures (director: Simon Gibney)

WILD BILL, Frank McGill - ITV (director: Annie Griffin)

QUANTICO, Liam Killoran - ABC & Disney (director: Russell Lee Fine)

EASTENDERS, Aidan Maguire (series regular) - BBC One (director: Various)

RED ROCK, Jim Walsh - TV3 (director: Various)

NO OFFENCE, Earl Kennedy - Channel 4 (director: Catherine Morshead)

ICE, Quinn - Power/Screentime (director: James Follett)

HUSTLE, Mr Baxter - Kudos) Dir. Julian Simpson

CASANOVA'S LOVE LETTER, Casanova - Solar Productions (director: Mark Murphy)

ICON, Igor Komarvov - Hallmark (director: Charles Martin Smith)

SMALLVILLE, Morgan Edge (guest lead) - Warner Bros TV

BRUSH WITH FATE, Headmaster - Hallmark (director: Brent Shields)

DRACULA, Dracula - Lux Vide (director: Roger Young)

KING OF TEXAS, Highsmith - Milk & Honey Prods (director: Uli Edel)

JEWEL, Leston Hilburn - CBS/Citadel/Alliance (director: Paul Shapiro)

THE RIPPER, Inspector Jim Hansen - Calamari Prods Ltd (director: Janet Meyers)

Stolen Woman, Captured Heart, Daniel Morgan (CBS/SHOWTIME)  Dir. Jerry London

APOCALYPSE WATCH, Drew - ABC (director: Kevin Connor)

FRANKENSTEIN, Dr Victor Frankenstein - David Wickes Television (director: David Wickes)

ROBIN HOOD, Robin Hood - Working Title/20th Century Fox (director: John Irvin)

MORPHINE AND DOLLY MIXTURES, Terence O'Farrell - BBC (director: Karl Francis)




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