Sean Maguire


Sean Maguire made his acting debut at the age of five in 'A VOYAGE AROUND MY FATHER' with Sir Laurence Olivier.

His other credits include: 'SONGS FOR AMY' (directed by  Konrad Begg), 'SCOTT AND BAILEY' (ITV) 'ONCE UPON A TIME' (ABC) and 'MEET THE SPARTANS' (20th Century Fox/ New Regency).


  • Height: 5' 11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 11st 5lb (72.1kg)
  • Playing Age: 35 - 45
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Light/Mid Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Unions: Musicians Union
  • Appearance: White




HEAD SHOP, Grant- Planet 9 Productions (director: Kim Bass)

ARE WE GOOD PARENTS? (short), Bill- (director: Bola Ogun)

SONGS FRO AMY, Sean- Sonny and Skye Productions (director: Konrad Begg)

MEET THE SPARTANS, King Leonidas(Lead)- 20th Century Fox/New Regency (director: Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg)

THE DUKES, Dave- Independent (director: Robert Davi)

LA BLUES, Jack Davis- Independent (director: Ian Gurvitz)

THE THIRD WISH, Brandon- (director; Shelley Jenson)

OUT OF DEPTH, Paul Nixon (Lead)- Steon Films Ltd (director: Simon Marshall)

THE MEANING OF LIFE (Monty Python)- Universal Pictures (directors: Terry Jones/ Terry Gilliam)


THE MAGICIANS, Sir Effingham - Syfy (director: various)

THE 100, Mr. Lightbourne - The CW Network (directors: various)

TIMELESS, Ian Fleming - NBC (director: Billy Gierhart)

ONCE UPON A TIME, Robin Hood - ABC (directors; various)

7.39, Ryan Cole - BBC (director: John Alexander)

SCOTT AND BAILEY (Series 2 & 3), PC Sean McCartney - Red Production Co/ITV (director: Various)

CRIMINAL MINDS, Thane Parks- Touchstone TV (director Jeff Davis)

DEATH IN PARADISE, Marlon Collins- Red Planet Pictures (director: Various)

BEDLAM, Sean- Red Production Co/Sky Living (director: Alrick Riley/John Strickland)

LOVELIES, Blake- NBC (director; Rob Greenberg)

COLD CASE, Phil- CBS (director: Nathan Hope)

CSI-NY, Alex Brodevesky- CBS (director: Duane Clarke)

UNDERCOVERS, Clive- NBC (director: Stephen Williams)

CUPID, Dave- ABC TV (director Rob Thomas)

MISTER ELEVEN, Dan- ITV  (director: Paul Gay)

KROD MANDOON AND THE FLAMING SWORD OF FIRE, Krod Mandoon- Hat Trick Productions (director; Peter Knight)

THE CLASS, Kyle Lendo (Lead)- Warner Bros (director: James Burrows)

EVE, Donovan Brink- Warner Bros (director; Matt Deloatch)

OFF CENTRE, Euan Pearce (Lead)- Warner Bros (director: Various)

URBAN GOTHIC, Jude Redfield- Blackjack Productions

SUNBURN, Lee Wilson (Lead)- BBC (directors; Various)

DANGERFIELD, Marty Dangerfield- BBC (director: Various)

EASTENDERS, Aidan- BBC (director: Leonard Lewis)

GROWING PAINS, Jason Begley (Lead)- BBC (director: Various)

DODGEM, Simon Leighton (Lead)- BBC (director: Christine Secombe)

GRANGE HILL, Tegs (Lead)- BBC (director: Various Directors)

TV Films

PRINCE CHARMING, Prince Charming- TNT (director: Alan Arkush)

A VOYAGE AROUND MY FATHER, ITV (director: Alvin Rakoff)


THE HAUNTING, David Filde- Bill Kenwright Ltd (director: Hugh Wooldridge)


ROMEO AND JULIET, Romeo- Kings Head Theatre

LOOT, Hal- Theatre Royal Plymouth



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