Nila Aalia


Nila grew up in the UK but also speaks fluent German and basic Turkish. She has worked extensively in theatre as well as for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Her credits include: 'THE COMMUTER' (Studio Canal), 'ALL SOULS: THE DISCOVERY OF WITCHES' (Sky 1), 'YEARS AND YEARS' (BBC1/Red Productions), 'SILENT WITNESS' (BBC), 'SCOTT AND BAILEY' (ITV), 'AN ADVENTURE' (Bush Theatre) and 'BOMBAY DREAMS' (RUG/West End).


  • Height: 5' 4 (163cm)
  • Playing Age: 45 - 60
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Hair Length: Mid Length
  • Unions: Equity
  • Appearance: Asian-Indian/Pakistani




THE COMMUTER, Sherri - Studiocanal (director: Jaume Collet-Serra)

NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Brinda, NFTS (director: Mary Nighy)

DIVERTED, Alia Mum, Big Tree Productions (director: Alex Chapple)

A GOOD YEAR, Laila Shaan/NewsAnchor, Stripe Productions (director: Ridley Scott)



HALO, Agatha Terne – Showtime (director: Otto Bathurst)

BLACK NARCISSUS, Angu Ayah (series reg) – BBC/FX (director: Charlotte Bruus Christensen

YEARS AND YEARS, Question Time Host, BBC1/Red Productions (director: Simon Cellan Jones)

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES (All Souls Trilogy), Sylvia Firth, Bad Wolf Ltd (director: Juan Carlos Medina / Alice Troughton)

THE REBEL, Jane, Retort. (director: Vadim Jean)

WOLFBLOOD, Sophia Akhtar, CBBC (director: Jermain Julien)

THE INTERN, Victoria Parker, Boundless Productions (director: Charlotte Brookes)

SCOTT AND BAILEY, Mrs Madari, Red Productions ITV (director: Paul Walker)

SILENT WITNESS, Phoebe Herron, BBC Production, (director: Andy Hay)

WHITECHAPEL 2, Dr Wilkes, Carnival Films (director: David Evans)

HOLLYOAKS, Bel Roy, Lime Pictures (director: Multiple)

OUTNUMBERED, Amelia, Hat Trick (director: Guy Jenkins)

BIKE SQUAD, Dr Parvez, Hat Trick (director: Guy Jenkins)

5 DAYS, Shanti, BBC/HBO (director: Simon Curtis)

A TOUCH OF FROST, Kiran Desai, ITV/Yorkshire (director: Roy Battersby)

TORCHWOOD, Cathy, BBC Television

BROKEN NEWS, Dr Lowe, BBC Television

CASUALTY, Sheila, BBC Television (director: Shani Grewal)

DOCTORS, Aisha Hassan, BBC Television (director: Burt Caesar)

EASTENDERS, Ms. Delpy, BBC Television (director: Michael Owen Morris)

LIFE ISNT ALL HA HA HE HE, Indira, BBC/Hat Trick (director: Andy DeEmmony)

TAGGART, Mrs Hassan,  ITV1/SMG TV (director: James Henry)

IF DRUGS WERE LEGAL, Dr. Sternberg, BBC Television (director: Nicholas Copus)

SPOOKS, Juliet, BBC/Kudos (director: Alrick Riley)


AN ADVENTURE, Old Jyanthi, Bush Theatre (director Madani Younis)

ELDER LATIMER IS IN LOVE, Ella, Arcola Theatre (director: Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh )

RAMAYANA, Sita, Sita Theatre (director: Ravin Ganatra)

INSTANT CELEBRITY, Mrs Annapura, Silver Star Productions, (director: Stuart Sweeting)

VAGINA MONOLOGUES, Various Roles, I.W.D. (director: Emily Stone)

ACTS ARTS, Intera Synapse, Synapse Creative Chaos (director: A. Hawa)

ZEN PAUSE, Zed, Synapse Creative Chaos (director: A. Hawa)

LOVE GOES FASHION, Red, Synapse Creative Chaos (director: J.Morganthal)

FRAU AUS TOM, Frau, Paz (director: Ellen Raab)

OGBOIMBA OGBOIMBA, Paz (director: Ellen Raab)

SCHWANENSEE MULLKIPPE, Storyteller, Ulm (director: Klaus Dilger)


MAHABHARATA, Gandhari, Gita Productions (director: Stuart Wood)

BOMBAY DREAMS, Kitty, Really Useful Theatre Company (director: Steven Pimlott)



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