Madeleine Potter


Madeleine is an Irish and American dual citizen.

Madeleine's credits include 'MR SELFRIDGE' (ITV), 'RED LIGHTS'  (Millennium Films), 'ALL MY SONS' (National Theatre) and '4.48 PSYCHOSIS' (Royal Court Theatre). 



  • Height: 5' 6 (168cm)
  • Playing Age: 40 - 50
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Red/Titian
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Unions: Equity, SAG/AFTRA
  • Appearance: White





RED LIGHTS, Sarah Sidgwick - (director: Roderigo Cortes)
CHOSYU FIVE, Emma - (director: Sho Igarishi)
THE WHITE COUNTESS, Grushenka - (director: James Ivory)
REFUGE, Sylvia - (director: Narain Jashanmal)
THE GOLDEN BOWL, Gladys Lady Castledean - (director: James Ivory)
SLAVES OF NEW YORK, Daria - (director: James Ivory)
TWO EVIL EYES, Annabel - (director: Dario Argento)
BLOODHOUNDS OF BROADWAY, Widow Mary - (director: Howard Brookner)
SUICIDE CLUB, Nancy - (director: Jamie Bruce)
THE BOSTONIANS, Verena Tarrant - (director: James Ivory)
HELLO AGAIN, Felicity - (director: Frank Perry)


COBRA, Kelly - Sky (director: Sallie Aprahamian)

MR SELFRIDGE, Elizabeth Arden - PBS/ITV (director: Bill Anderson)

FOYLES WAR, Edith Del Mar - Greenlit Productions/ITV (director: Stuart Orme)

HOUDINI, Lady Butler - History Channel (director: Uli Edel)
FOYLES WAR, Edith Del Mar - Eleventh Hour Films (director: Stuart Orme)
HOLBY CITY, Sharon - BBC (director: Various)
CAUGHT IN THE ACT, Alice Harrison - (director: Jeffrey Reiner)
MIDSOMER MURDERS, Bentley Productions (director: Richard Holthouse)
STATE OF PLAY, BBC Television (director: David Yates)
WHISTLEBLOWER, Caroline Du Preec - BBC Television (director: Ben Bolt)
CRIME STORY, Terry Davis - NBC/New World
SVENGALI, Antonia - MOW (director: Peter O'Toole)
MR SELFRIDGE, Elizabeth Arden - ITV (director: Bill Anderson)
HOLBY CITY, Sharon - BBC (director: Various)

TV Films


TRUE WEST, Mom - West End (director: Matthew Dunster)
HAMLET, Gertrude - The Shakespeare Theatre Company (director: Michael Kahn)
THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE, Company - Royal Court (director: Simon McBurney)
THE GLASS MENAGERIE, Amanda Wingfield - Ford's Theatre (director: Mark Ramont)
BROKEN GLASS, Margaret - Tricycle Theatre (director: Iqbal Khan)
ELECTRA, Clytemnestra - Gate Theatre (director: Carrie Cracknell)
SHOOT, GET TREASURE, REPEAT, Woman - Gate (director: Carrie Cracknell)
THE INTERNATIONALIST, Irene - Young Woman, Gate Theatre (director: Natalie Abrahami)
AFTER MRS ROCHESTER, Ella (Jean Rhys)- West End (director: Polly Teale)
MOTHER OF HIM, Brenda - Courtyard Theatre (director: Guy Retallack)
The WATER'S EDGE, Helen - Arcola Theatre (director: Fiona Morrell)
SOUTHWARK FAIR, Toni - Royal National Theatre (director: Nick Hytner)
MADAME MELVILLE, Ruth - West End (director: Richard Nelson)
4:48 PSYCHOSIS, Royal Court Theatre (director: James MacDonald)
ALL MY SONS, Ann Deever - Royal National Theatre (director: Howard Davies)
AN IDEAL HUSBAND, Lady Chiltern - Albery Theatre and Broadway (director: Peter Hall)
THE MAIDEN'S PRAYER, Cynthia - Bush Theatre (director: Sarah Esdaile)
THE MASTER BUILDER, Hilde Wangel - Broadway (director: Tony Randall)
GETTING MARRIED, Leo - Broadway (director: Stephen Porter)
THE CRUCIBLE, Abigail - Broadway (director: Yossi Ysraeli)
METAMORPHOSIS, Greta - Broadway (director: Steven Berkoff)
PYGMALION, Eliza - Off-Broadway (director: Paul Weidner)
PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD, Pegeen - Irish Rep (director: Charlotte Moore)
THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS, Nora - World Tour (director: Shivaun O'Casey)
AS YOU LIKE IT, Rosalind - Williamstown Theater Festival (director: Alice Jenkyl)
HEDDA GABLER, Hedda Gabler - (director: Roberta Levitow)
HAMLET, Ophelia - Folger Theater (director: Lindsay Anderson)
RICHARD 111, Lady Anne - New York Shakespeare Festival (director: Jane Howell)
LYDIE BREEZE, Gussie - Off-Broadway (director: Louis Malle)
SLAB BOYS, Lucille - Broadway (director: Robert Allan Ackerman)
PLENTY, Dorcas - Broadway (director: David Hare)
COASTAL DISTURBANCES, Holly - Circle in the Square, Broadway (director: Carole Rothman)
A LITTLE HOTEL ON THE SIDE, Victoire - Broadway (director: Tom Moore)






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