Jamie Wilkes


Jamie is from London and trained at LAMDA.

His credits include: 'MR SELFRIDGE' (ITV), 'ELECTRIC DREAMS' (Channel 4/ Sony/ Amazon), 'CATCH-22' (Hulu), 'VANITY FAIR' (ITV/Amazon), 'DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL' (Southwark Playhouse), 'TITUS ANDRONICUS' (Shakespeares Globe), 'THE COMEDY OF ERRORS' (Shakespeares Globe), 'THE SHOEMAKER’S HOLIDAY' (RSC) ,  'TWO NOBLE KINSMEN' (RSC).



  • Height: 5' 10 (178cm)
  • Playing Age: 25 - 35
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Appearance: White




FINDING ALICE, Dan – ITV (director: Roger Goldby)

HIS DARK MATERIALS, The Pale Faced Man (recurring) - BBC/HBO (director: Various)

CATCH -22, Infantry Soldier - Hulu (director: George Clooney)

VANITY FAIR, Shopkeeper - Mammoth Screen/ITV (director: James Strong)

ELECTRIC DREAMS: THE WORLD OF PHILIP K. DICK; HUMAN IS, Private Matthews - Channel 4/Sony/Amazon (director: Francesca Gregorini)

MR SELFRIDGE, Mr Goodpeace - ITV (director: Joss Agnew)


THE WIND OF HEAVEN, Ambrose – Finborough Theatre (director: Will Maynard)

THE EDIT, Nick - Folio Theatre Company, Salisbury Playhouse - National Tour (director: Joe Hufton)

DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, Monroe - Southwark Playhouse (director: Alex Parker)

THE ROVER, Don Antonio - RSC (director: Loveday Ingram)

TWO NOBLE KINSMEN, Arcite - RSC (director: Blanche McIntyre)

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS, Dromio of Ephesus - Shakespeare's Globe (director: Blanche McIntyre)

THE SHOEMAKER'S HOLIDAY, Hammon - RSC (director: Phillip Breen)

TITUS ANDRONICUS, Mutius/Publius - Shakespeare's Globe (director: Lucy Bailey)

WENDY & PETER PAN, Martin the Cabin Boy - RSC (director: Jonathan Munby)

HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, Calcifer - Southwark Playhouse (director:  Davy & Kristin Maguire)

PETER PAN, Starkey - York Theatre Royal (director:  Damian Cruden)

THE BOY JAMES, James - Belt Up Theatre (director:  Dominic J Allen)

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Demetrius - Belt Up Theatre (director:  Marcus Emerton)

LORCA IS DEAD, Salvador Dali - Belt Up Theatre (director:  Dominic J Allen)

MACBETH, Lady Macbeth - York Theatre Royal, Belt Up Theatre (director:  Alexander Wright)

METAMORPHOSIS, Gregor Samsa - Belt Up Theatre (director: Alexander Wright)

THE TARTUFFE, Cleante/Jacques - Belt Up Theatre (director: Jamie Wilkes)

THE TEMPEST, Prospero - Belt Up Theatre (director: Alexander Wright)



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