Geoffrey Breton


Geoffrey trained at Drama Centre.

Credits include: 'The Crown' (Netflix), 'Inspector George Gently' (BBC),'Great Expectations' (Derby Theatre), 'X Company'(BBC), 'The Rotters Club’(BBC1), ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’(ITV), ‘Fable: The Journey' (Universal Studios), 'Doctors' (BBC) and 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' (Tiger Aspect).

Geoffrey was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' in the BBC Radio Drama Awards 2014.


  • Height: 5' 9 (175cm)
  • Playing Age: 30 - 35
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Light/Mid Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Unions: Equity
  • Appearance: WhiteEastern EuropeanMediterranean



Geoffrey was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the BBC Radio Drama Awards 2014.



THE CHEMICAL WEDDING, Young Symonds- (director: Julian Doyle)

GLANCE, Ryan-Academy Films (director: Conkerco)

EYELASHES, David,(director: James Lewis)

DRIVE-THRU, Darren-Ecco Pictures, (director:  Georgina Higgens)

NARCOPOLIS, Jake the Dealer-(director: Justin Trefgarne)

PHONE BOX, Nathan- (director: Alan Powell)


THE SERPENT, Lucien Salomon- BBC1/Netflix (directors: Hans Herbots/ Tom Shankland)

THE CROWN, Mark Philips-Netflix, (director: Benjamin Caron) 

INSPECTOR GEORGE GENTLY, Jonny Wilson-Company Pictures, (director: Bryn Higgens)

X COMPANY, Jean-Claude- BBC Canada (director: John Strickland)

SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL, Danny- Tiger Aspect (director: Sam Donovan)

DOCTORS, Carp-BBC (director: Niall Fraser)

KATY BRAND'S BIG ASS SHOW, James-Channel 4 (director: Katy Brand)

INSPECTOR LEWIS; THE QUALITY OF MERCY, Joe Myers-ITV (director: Bille Eltringham)

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, Peter van Daan-BBC (director: Jon Jones)

THE OLD CURIOUSITY SHOP, Dick Swiveller- ITV (director: Brian Percival)

BLUE MURDER 2, Michael Lewis-ITV (director: Suri Krishnamen)

THE ROTTERS CLUB, Ben Trotter- BBC (director: Tony Smith)

BLUE MURDER, Michael Lewis, ITV (director: Paul Wroblewski)


GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Pip-Derby Theatre, Sarah Brigham

BELL BOOK AND CANDLE, Nicholas Holroyd-New Vic Theatre (director: Gwenda Hughes)

THE HUMANS, Tophole-Festival Avignon (director: Alexandre Singhe)

OVERIDE, Mark-Watford Palace Theatre (director: Selina Cartmel)

ABOVE & BEYOND, Bertie-Look Left Look Right (director: Mimi Poskitt)

THINGS THAT MAKE NO SENSE, Fred-Theatre Uncut (directors: Hannah Price and Cressida Brown)

LADS, Jimmy-Bruised Sky Productions (director: James Kermack)

DAVID COPPERFIELD, David Copperfield-Bolton Octagon (director: Elizabeth Newman)

PLAYGROUND, Various-The Company Project at Theatre 503 (director: Dan Herd)

PLAYGROUND 2, Various-The Company Project at Theatre 503 (directors: Owen Horsley and Adam Lenson)

PLAYLIST, Jonny Macabe-The Company Project at Arcola & Latitude Festival (director: Dan Herd)

SEPERATE TABLES, Charles Stratton-Chichester Festival Theatre (director: Philip Franks)

INDEPENDENT MEANS, Edgar Forsyth- Manchester Library Theatre (director: Chris Honer)

THE DEEP BLUE SEA, Philip Welch-Bath Theatre Royal/ Vaudeville West End, (director: Edward Hall)

THE TEMPEST, Ferdinand-BBC Philharmonic Orchestra/ Barbican (director: Di Trevis)

CORIOLANUS, Volumnia-Giudecca (director: Mark Leipacher)

YOU WERE AFTER POETRY, Poet-High Tide Festival (director: Adam Barnard)

AMY'S VIEW, Toby-Bath Theatre Royal/ Garrick theatre West End (director: Sir Peter Hall)

MARIANA PINEDA, Fernando-Arcola Theatre (director: Max Keys)

JUMP, Yaniv- 24 Hr Plays, Old Vic New Voices (director: George Perrin)

WHAT THE BUTTER SAW, Nicholas Beckett-Hampstead theatre/ Criterion West End (director: David Grindley)

ARCADIA, Gus/ Augustus-Manchester Library Theatre (director: Chris Honer)


IMAGINARY BOYS, Lawrence-BBC Wales/ Radio 4 (director: Scott Handcock)


FRANKENSTEIN, Henry Clerval-Big Finish (director: Scott Hancock)

DORIEN GREY SEASON 2, Big Finish (director: Scott Handcock)

BERNICE SUMMERFIELD, Lucas Catch-Big Finish (director: Scott Handcock)

DR WHO: Moonflesh-Hector Tremayne, Big Finish


PASOLINI PROJECT, Son-National Theatre Studio (director: Lucy Bailey)

BREAKING THE SILENCE (director: Di Trevis)

LOVE ME DO, SHACK,  Watford Palace Theatre (director: Bridged Lamour)

PANGEA, Rupert-Vicky Graham Productions (director: Richard Fitch)






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