Daniel Ben Zenou


Daniel is originally from London.

His credits include: 'BABS (BBC), 'ENTEBBE' (Working Title), 'NO OFFENCE' (Channel 4), 'GUILT' (Lionsgate), 'EDGE OF HEAVEN' (Hartswood Films/ITV), 'SKINS' (E4/Company), 'LAW AND ORDER' (ITV) , 'SCOTT & BAILEY'(ITV1/RED PRODUCTIONS), and 'STRIKE BACK' (HBO).


  • Height: 5' 8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 10st 2lb (64.4kg)
  • Playing Age: 35 - 40
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Appearance: WhiteEastern EuropeanMediterranean




ENTEBBE, Raphael Bitton-Working Title Films/Participant Media, (director: Jose Padilha)

DOUGH, Rabbi -(director; John Goldschmidt)

MOTHER, Man from club- Contra,(director: David Alamouti)

DEEP STATE, Tanoy/Politician-Film and Video Umbrella (director: Karen Mirza and Brad Butler)
VISA, Amir-Sivan Films (director: Avishai Sivan)
QUEST FOR GOOD, John- (director: oron cohen)
OH JERUSALEM, Doud-Canal and Samuel Goldwyn Films (director: Ellie Chouraqui)
HARMONICA SWING, Josh- (director: Amiram Bukowski)
PABLO, Pablo Neruda- Sushi Films (director: Dario Baldi)


I KNEW JESUS, Malchus-Nutopia (director: Adrian McDowall, Craig Pickles)

NO OFFENCE (Series 3), Moss-Channel 4,(director: Catherine Morshead)

BABS, Lionel Bart- BBC1, (director: Dominic Leclerc)

GUILT, PC Patman- Lionsgate (director: various)

EDGE OF HEAVEN, Deano-Hartswood Films/ITV (director: John Henderson)

STRIKEBACK, Farhan-Leftbank Pictures (director: Julian Holmes)
SKINS, Yaniv-E4/Company Pictures (director: Paul Gay)
SCOTT AND BAILEY, Ghokan Yilmaz- ITV1/Red Productions (director: Sarah Pia Anderson)
LAW AND ORDER, David Mousa- ITV1 (director: Andy Goddard)
HIROSHIMA (Emmy Award winning), Captain Jacob Besser-BBC Films (director: Paul Wilmshurst)


GARGOLIOS, (Curritiba Festival, Brazil), Dan- London Dry Opera (director: Gerald Thomas)
GARGOLIOS, (Tour of Brazil), Dan- London Dry Opera (director: Gerald Thomas)
THROATS, Dan-London Dry Opera (director: Gerald Thomas)
BROTHERS AND SISTERS, Tobbie -Lakeside Theatre Company (director: Karena Johnson)
YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, Masa-Lakeside Theatre Company (director: Karena Johnson)
CROSSING JERUSALEM, Sharif-Tricycle Theatre (director: Jack Gold)
SPERM COUNT, Sperm- Old Red Lion (director: Julia Pascal)
BEHIND BARS, Stan- Hens and Chickens (director: Alan Fentiman)
THE YIDDISH QUEEN LEAR, Shneck-The Bridewell (director: Julia Pascal)


FIVE BEATS TO THE BAR, Said-BBC Radio 4 (director: Claire Grove)


HAPPY FAMILY (Animation), Imhotep-(director: Holger Tappe)

ASSASSIN'S CREED (Video Game), Meketre- Side, (director: Jean Guesdon)



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